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The Okra Project is offering one-time sessions with Black therapists for Black trans people to honor the memories of Nina Pop and Tony McDade.

Here’s the link to their google forms for people to get in touch:

Nina Pop Mental Health Recovery Fund (for Black trans feminine people) -

Tony McDade Mental Health Recovery Fund (for Black trans masculine people) -


This Friday 6/5 at 3pm PT there's a free zoom offering tools to help cope from, register at

This Friday 6/5, at I believe 5pm PT (website says 8pm and they're based in NY), there's a free online workshop for supporting black women during this:

On 6/19 at 3pm PT there's free zoom healing meeting hosted by a black therapist from, register at

On 6/28 at 2:30pm PT there's a free online group session for processing what's going on:

Deadline Sat 6/6 to apply for free counseling for frontline workers:

This looks like there's a wait but offers scholarships to access free therapy for black:

For black men (they're based in Philly, but may be able to do TeleHealth online with anyone?):

Therapy for Black Girls podcast:
And accompanying support FB group:

Be Well Sis podcast:

Free meditation app for BIPOC:

@MelanatedSocialWork does Monday IG Live videos and you can reference their past videos in their posts

And these IG accounts have very supportive posts:

 offer theta healing and energy work.. here is my website 


if I can be of service to anyone integrating at this time

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